How to choose an ergonomic chair

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Is the chair backrest large enough to provide good back support?

Many chairs have back supports that are large enough to provide mid-back and upper-back support, in addition to good lumbar support.


When you sit back against the lumbar support is there ample space for the hip room?

The insufficient hip room can make you sit too far forwards on the seat pan so that you will not have enough thigh support.



Does the seat pan still feel comfortable after you have been sitting in it for 60 – 120 minutes?

If the seat pan is made from low-density foam, then continuous use can cause it to become permanently deformed and then it will not provide adequate cushioned support. Insufficient cushioning and inappropriate contouring can cause discomfort, imbalance, and hip and back fatigue.


Does the chair backrest recline and support your back in different positions?

Movement of the back, while you are sitting, helps to maintain a healthy spine. Look for chairs that allow you to easily recline, that provide you with good back support in different recline postures, and that have a back that tracks where your back is. Locking the chair backrest in one position generally it is not recommended or beneficial to users.


Does the chair have a 5-pedestal base?

If chair mobility is important to help you to do your work then the chair should have at least a 5-pedestal base with casters that glide freely over the floor surface. You may also want to choose a chair that swivels easily.





Do you need armrests on your chair?

If so, are the armrests broad, contoured, cushioned, and comfortable? While sitting can, you easily adjust the height of the armrests and can you move the armrests closer together or further apart? Can you easily move the arms out of the way if you need to do this?


Do you need a footrest?

In the vast majority of situations, you should not need a foot support to be able to sit comfortably on your chair. However, if you do need a foot support then choose a freestanding floor-mounted support that allows you to rest your feet out in front of you in a comfortable manner.



What chair covering is best?

Chairs can be covered in a variety of upholstery materials, each of which has benefits and concerns. Vinyl and vinyl-like coverings are easy to clean and spill resistant, but they don’t breath and if the chair begins to heat up under the thighs uncomfortable amounts of moisture can accumulate.

Cloth upholstery is the most common covering, but this is less resistant to spills and more difficult to clean. A cloth covered seat pan can also become warm and moisture laden and cloth covered foam seat pans can be a significant source of dust mite allergen. When selecting your chair covering think about cleaning and maintenance issues and plan appropriately.


Do you need an adjustable tilt seat pan?

In most situations, this is not an essential feature. In some situations, it can be helpful to change the tilt of the seat pan to help to maintain a balanced seated posture.

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