Delivery Terms

1) NBD ( Next Bussiness Day )

  • Once payment reflects in our account goods will be delivered NEXT BUSINESS / WORKING DAY
  • In some situations the package will move to the next available delivery day dependent on scheduled work load
  • this does not include transport time outside of Johannesburg.
  • Certain items are 48 hour delivery.

2) NMT or SMT

3) Special considerations

  1. Special Manufacturing Time is defined as
  2. Once we have received payment we will then have a sign off of design.
  3. Only THEN will we start counting the manufacturing process / days.
  4. Only once we  have sign off will it be scheduled in our programming for manufacturing this can be anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks OR LONGER or 30 to 40 working / business days OR LONGER
  5. Sign off can take up to two weeks / and or dependent how long the client takes to sign off the design.
  6. During negotiations we will communicate an estimated time of manufacturing time based on the work load at the factory.
  7. We will however only commit to the manufacturing time once we have received sign off of design.
  8. The manufacturing time will be communicated to you in a formal written commitment.
  9. This manufacturing time does not include delivery / transport and installation time.

Payment Terms

  1. 1) IYC Office interiors cc reserves the right to alter or change any of the products and prices detailed in this quote or websites without prior  notice.
    1. These price changes become automatically due.

2) All prices quoted DO NOT INCLUDE VAT – VAT will be added and charged at 14%

3) Quote valid for 7 calendar days.

4) EO&E

5) We acknowledge that goods will not be delivered until all outstanding accounts are paid in full. Any work started without full payment is completely at the digression of IYC Office interiors cc.

6) IYC Office Interiors cc will only commence work once the acceptance form has been signed and full payment is received.

7) IYC Office Interiors cc will not accept part or short payments. Part or short payments will be deemed by IYC Office Interiors cc as none payment.

Payment Options

  1. Cash
  2. Pay Fast
  3. EFT