Espresso, Latte, Mocha, Filter – What will it be?

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Its 08:20am, your patience is already wearing thin because everyone around you is chatting, and all you can think of is taking your laptop downstairs and sitting in your local coffee shop while trawling through your emails. It’s so much better than sitting in your bland, boring office right? Well, I agree! A cozy, homely coffee shop serving you a thick and creamy cappuccino with a breakfast wrap as soon as you arrive. Well now just imagine owning your own coffee shop with all your favorite delicacies! Absolutely heaven! There will always be a need for coffee shops, especially with the trend now being that people work from home and have meetings/discussions in their local coffee shop. So what is stopping you?





Fortunately for you, we stock all the necessaries at IYC. It’s difficult to put this dream into reality. There are so many elements and processes that need to be in place before you can open, right? But that’s why we are here, in order to help. Let’s take a look at the image below and discuss it. Always remember that first impressions are lasting impressions and your coffee shops look will determine how consumers feel in your space.

This little coffee shop fits so many criteria! It is warm, cosy, inviting and comfortable. The rich wooden tones add to the authenticity of the space and exudes a certain warmth. The lighting is subtle and the pops of colour (red and white) really add to the ambiance. I really could picture myself sitting here and working all day.




The rustic feel, coupled with the exposed brick walls and the raw wood, really create a superb environment,

exactly what people expect from a coffee shop.

I personally would much rather spend my time in this space as opposed to a major chain,

where the authenticity has been lost of the brand.





Now I know that there is a lot of talk around what colour restaurants should be according to what the owner wants patrons to feel, etc., but when it comes to coffee shops there really is no criteria to follow. Basically, space needs to be warm, inviting and cosy. So filled with books, magazines, comfortable seating and so on, will pursue patrons to stay longer and lose track of time, due to the fact that they are comfortable. You really need to sit and decide what environment you would want to spend all your time in, and then design your space around that.


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