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Our clients receive quality furniture with guarantee.

 At an affordable cost and speed of delivery.

We pride ourselves on being fast, reliable and cost effective

Procuring, and supplying of restaurant and hospitality furniture

We understand that you require quality furniture with a guarantee and an affordable cost as well as the speed of delivery.

We do the procuring, and supplying of restaurant and hospitality furniture.

 Meet the Owner

bistro and cafe furniture

IYC is a dynamic commercial furniture supplier with its roots steeped in Gary Da Silva’s creative ability to operate beyond the confines of conventional business norms. Gary is a vibrant thinker who has never been afraid to cut his own path through the world, to the point that he is the spokesperson for the “Father’s 4 justice” movement in South Africa, challenging the existing status quo to make the world a fairer, better place.

This extends into the business world where he has taken IYC from a small one man business to a year on year average growth of 27% and WILL take it to a major South African player in the next 3 years by focusing on what we do best in south Africa, increasing our product ranges and marketing into Africa.

Gary has learnt the value of understanding his greatest asset, himself in relation to his business. By identifying his true talent and calling he knows how to apply his experience in establishing goals for the company and which positions need to be created in order to compliment himself within the context of IYC.